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Monday, 22 July 2013

Birthday Week, Day 1: Body

 Since it was my birthday last week (thank you for all of the lovely messages you've sent me), it was obvious I had to celebrate also on my blog. What I'm going to do is post every day about the things I've done to prepare myself for the special day e.g. Make-up, Hair, Outfit and of course a Birthday Haul. Today I'm going to start with body, and just share little bits about pampering yourself for a special day.
PS (All of the usual blogpost that have been scheduled are still going to be posted, as usual).

 This is going to be the very extended edition, because well.. I like to take my time, with everything especially getting ready. So the first thing I do is jump in the shower, wash my hair and quite possibly do some other things as well then pop hydrating hair mask on, get out the shower and start filling up the bath. I've ran out of my Lush bath bombs (they all look yellow at the end anyway), so I've just picked a random one that was sadly sitting on the shelf. 

 If candles and Ellie Golding are your kind of bath pamper essentials then at this point those should be added to the room, I'm more of a pitch black and Phantom of the Opera OST kind of girl. Going along the mask theme, I've popped some of The Body Shop's Hone&Oat Scrub Mask it's really gentle and moisturising on the skin and truly I've been using this quite frequently. 

 Another thing whilst in the bath I need to mention is my new addition to pretty legs: Wilkinson Sword Intuition Dry Skin Razor with 100% Natural Coconut Milk & Almond Oil.. it smells so damn good and leaves my legs so silky smooth I put La Senza's most expensive silk bras to shame. Only thing I'd say, is because the moisturising bar that "hugs" the razors is so massive, the razors don't have as much of an access as an ordinary razor would have, so you can feel the hair growing back after 24 hours. 

 Okay let's pretend we've made it, face and hair masks are washed out and we're out the bath. It's moisturiser time. As you know Caudalie Divine Legs totally converted me, and so with very little steps I've ventured out into different self-tanners and I've decided to give this Nivea Gradual Tanner a go, because of this British tropical weather I've already caught some tan I went for the one made for medium to dark skin. 
What I especially like about this is the fact that it's gradual, so you don't even know whether it's working or whether it's just the sun, making it for people terrified of tan like me a perfect product. 

 I had to use my Caudalie too, this was the start of the show... I am so, so deeply in love with this it's almost unhealthy. I'm almost half way out of the bottle, I won't turn my head and it'll be gone. Caudalie don't dare discontinuing this product! Read full review here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/caudalie-divine-legs.html

 To finish the party of I've sprayed some dry sparkles from the body shop, those were Winter Holiday limted edition, but if they'll bring them back again this year I recommend you getting your hand on those, because they reflect light so gently and beautiful on your skin. Very flattering indeed! 

 Of course I waited a little time before putting my dress on, I'm always too paranoid about getting any sort of stains on clothes I put just after getting out the shower.

 Be sure to let me know what your essentials to perfect pampering/ getting ready evening are!

Cloud x

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