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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Birthday Week, Day 2: Nails

 Day 2! As the title says we'll be covering my birthday nails today!!

 I've posted a little sneaky peek of my dress on my Instagram @clooudylemonade and as you could probably tell, my dress was screaming yellow.. and we're talking very bright yellow here, almost neon. I could town it down by accompanying it with neutral colours, but no I've decided to go wild with brights!

 I'll begin with the nails on my fingers, as I said bright for me is definitely the way forward! However picking up a neon colour, would be a big mistake as it would clash with the intensity of the dress, so I went for shimmery cobalt blue. I'm a very loyal Essie's costumer, and Aruba Blue was right up my alley. I love how flattering this colour is and how it looks different in the sun or artificial lighting! I think it complimented by dress very well! To add to the party I've picked another nail varnish for my accent nail, along the same colour palette I chose Mermaid's Tale by Sally Hansen.
It's again a cobalt blue, which is packed with A LOT of sparkles and glitter, some are very fine some are bigger in an octagon/ hexagon shape. What makes it a real Mermaid's Tale is the fact that all of those glitter chunks and sparkles are different colours, which go along the aquamarine colour palette. Very beautiful, and amazing quality too!

 As for my toes I've picked a different creation of Essie: Fishnet Stockings. I don't know why, but the name straight away brings an image of some kind of Go Go Dancer walking home with holes in her stockings eating some KFC... got a bit carried away there. Back to the point, I was wearing my black Zara sandals, which you've probably seen in a haul in the past so I wouldn't get away with "naked" nails on my toes.

 I definitely wasn't willing to be wearing the same colour on my fingers and toes, and whilst picking what to wear on my toes my attention have been caught by this beautiful dark brick almost oxblood shade. It's a matte formula so it would look equally flattering on the fingers! Only thing it definitely has a hint of brown giving it that brick shade vibe, so if you're on the market to more of a true burgundy this is not your call.
Excuse the aggressive close up of my toes, I like them messy okay. Don't judge. #hippiescatchthewind 

 Nails - tick! Be sure to stick around for the next episodes!

Cloud x

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