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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Birthday Week, Day 3: Hair

Day 3, and this is an exciting one! I'll be covering hair today, I'm telling you we have a lot to go through so let's jump right in!

 Of course I began with washing my hair with my all time favourite grey shampoo, following with deep repairing hair mask I've mentioned in Day 1 post (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/birthday-week-day-1-body.html ). With my towel-dried hair I've used this "Frizzi" Styling Spray with built-in heat protecting benefits by Umberto Giannini, then followed with anti-frizz serum by the same brand. Those two product prepared my hair for the styling I was just on about to do, making sure my hair is going to be protected and frizz-free!

 Next step was to blow dry my hair with a big round brush and hair dryer, once I got the volume and my hair was completely dry I've moved into my big Toni&Guy curling iron.  

  Starting from the bottom layers of my hair I've started curling my hair away from my face. Each time I took quite of a large amount of hair, once I've curled that piece I've rolled it up into a curl around my finger and then using some bobby pins I've pined those down. Once all my head was pined up left the curls to get tighter and then moved on into my make-up. 
With all of the curls up my hair looked like a hot mess, but that way it made my curls tighter and more long-lasting.
 With all of the hair let alone, this is what I ended up with.

 Into the fun part, I went into the forward fold with my body and started shaking my hair into every direction possible then with my head still down sprayed hair spray all over. To finish off I've added the glossy finishing spray and massaged some Moroccan Oil into the ends of my hair.

Couple of hours later the curls have loosened up a little bit, I still however liked the softness and effortless look. 

 Usually I don't use hair dryer, but for special occasions I like to give my hair some volume. Curls for win.

Cloud x

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