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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Caudalie Divine Legs

 In order to get the whole spectrum of my very disturbing indeed tanning story read (if you haven't already) the part one of this post here:

 Now yo should have got the idea of how hard it is for me to accept or deal with any form of tanning, either fake on natural. So me falling in love with a tanning product just after using the sample, and immaculately purchasing the full-size in well a miracle. Well done Caudalie you've achieved, unachievable!

 The magic of this is the effectiveness and buidability. Just a little stroke of the product will provide you with sun-kissed glow. It looks so natural and I think I still look pale (which is good), but better pale. You can build this up into whatever level you wish, and it'll still look great.
can you guess, which one has product on and which one hasn't?

It has been designed for legs, but since I'm a such a rebel (I use contour brush for setting powder, I know what I'm talking about) I use this on my hands too. Only thing you need to make sure if you're pale like myself is to really take the time to massage it into the skin, it's not harsh in colour so it's not like you need a mitten to work it into the skin, the key is to spread it evenly.
you've got it right baby! left leg is the winner! excuse the nasty cut on the left knee, I though I was a Tarzan at some point

 I use one pump for each of my legs and half for each of my hands, because as I've said I've never was a fan of tan in any shape or form so I do like to only apply little at the time not to end up 10 shades darker than I normally am.

 My favourite part! I'm giving the Caudalie Divine Legs 8 lemon points!

Fabulous points:
Perfect for all of the skin tones, as gentle tan for fair skin or a "pick me up, my skin, but better" shimmery lotion for darker shades,
Smells amazing,
Has a light silky texture,
Easy to work it into the skin,
A little bit of product goes a long way,
Also has shimmer to make your skin glow,
Sets super quickly,
Dries out into a beautiful, glowing and super natural finish.
And a extra cheeky positive point is the fact that it's made with 92.8% natural ingridents and it hasn't been tested on animals!

Not so amazing points:
It does wash out when you shower, which is such a shame, because it'd be great if this would have more of the stay power, also when even a little bit of water happen to splash on your legs you'll instantly be able to see the product slipping away with the water, leaving you with nasty marks,
Other point it is quite pricey (£26), so if you aren't on the market for a highend tanner I'd recommend checking out the drugstore gradual tanners (my mum has been using these for years so there must be something about them).

 Please share your tanning recommendations with me in the comments below!
Oh and here's the link to the product: http://uk.spacenk.com/DIVINE-LEGS/UK200010380,en_GB,pd.html

Cloud x

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