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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #11 MAC Red

 That's right we've made it past the first 10 episodes, and today I'm going to hit it with a classic red. With a very obvious name.. Mac Red.

 First thing I do of course is check the accuracy of the shade description Mac is providing us with on their website: vivid bright, blue-ish red. They've hit it there. It's a very rich shade of red, however unlike for example Ruby Woo it has more of a cold undertone. Applied sheer it would create a red raspberry colour, which can be build into an opaque red.

I love wearing this particular shade as a very bold statement lip. Not to make my my lips and eyes fight, I balanced the strong lip with taupe eyelids with a slight flick created by brown eye-shadow. Of course since it's summer I couldn't resist adding warm contour and some glowing peach blush.

 This particular shade is perfect if you're just starting with make-up, or if you haven't got many reds in your collection. The texture of this allows you to either apply it sheer and achieve different colour, perhaps mix it with a little of lipbalm and create more of a tinted lip balm or use it as a cream blush. The creaminess and the texture of Mac Red has all around a list of things you can do with it besides just using it straight as a lipstick.

 It is a very pigmented shade, therefore I think most of the skin tones would be able to pull this out. If you have a very deep shin tone, and you're looking for a nice deep reed, but you aren't a fan of the very matter finishes, because they dry your lips out this would be lovely. Again with the fair skin and medium, you can apply this for the sheerer hint of red to an opaque bold lip.. and everything in between.

 It's a satin finish, which stands for the opaqueness of the shade and a slightly glossy finish. It's much less drying on the lips than the matte or amplified finish. If you're still suffering with the dryness of the lips even whilst using the satin finish, I recommend trying out Mac Prep+Prime Lip Primer, and/or Burt's Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm.

I have a feeling next week, we're going to venture out into very very deep shades.. Let me know if you have any requests or recommendations of your favourite Mac lippies! You might see a post about your beloved shade next week!

Cloud x

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