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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #12 Creme Cup

 Hope you're enjoying the series so far! I'm having a blast talking about my favourite lipsticks everrr!
Here we are it's another Wednesday, and I have some exciting colours installed for you!

 For the balance of my today's colourful eye-makeup I choose Creme Cup. Lovely mauve baby pink, described by Mac as "Light Blue Pink". It's a very flattering shade, goes with everything and can be applied without the mirror.

 Only thing, it's quite of a fair shade on deeper skin tones pink won't show up as much, and the only thing that will show up is the lightness of the pigment making darker lips look narrow and washed out. I would definitely say that it's an ultimate, every-day pink for very fair skin tone. Or perhaps a slight wash of colour for medium skin tone.

 It's been so sunny here in UK, and I'm feeling colourful with my make-up! I did go for a little look-around the Drug Store the other day and I did walk out with quite a couple of products (you'll see those in my upcoming Drug Store haul), which I'm testing out at the moment. To the point, I have been obsessed with bright colours on my eyes, so to balance out the brightness and colourfulness of my turquoise eyeliner I decided to go for a light pink lipstick. To finish off I added some shimmery pink blush.
Quick tip: to make your bright eye liner stand out a little more, apply white/cream eyeshadow all over the lid and just work some taupe eyehshadow to the crease to give your eye makeup more dimension! 

 As I've mention before, this is highly wearable shade, that suits every eye make-up you can imagine! I've lost my Creme Cup, so here I'm using my mum's one, which as you can tell she has almost ran out of!

 Little word about the finish to end this post beautifully. It's a cremesheen what stands for flat pigment, no shimmer, quite sheer with light to medium colour pay off and most importantly SUPER MOISTURISING!

 Creme Cup is my mums favourite Mac lipstick, what's yours?

Cloud x

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