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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #14 Amorous

 Week 14, and we're going strong! If you've been with me for a while you've probably gathered that dark reds/ plums/ oxbloods / burgundies and such colours are my absolute favourites, and I pretty much own all of the lipsticks that are the shades I've mentioned above by Mac. So yes, I'm obsessed.. Today I'm going to talk about one of those lipsticks, with of how much of an romantic name Amorous.

 Remember when I was praising Mac for accurate shade descriptions in the past couple of  "Mac Lipstick Wednesday" posts? Well, they've ruined it now again. Amorous is described as "Lovestruck Cranberry", now how does the word "Lovestruck" help in describing anything, especially a colour? Mac what are you doing. The other part of the description however, "Cranberry" is very into the point. I'd say it's muted cranberry, it has that sort of slight almost invisible hint of muddiness. Just to recap Muted Cranberry, definitely not Lovestruck Cranberry.

 As I've mentioned before Amorous isn't your standard "in your face" kind of berry shade, it's still of course very opaque, but the muteness is certainly visible, which in my opinion makes this a very interesting and unique shade. I think this would work amazing on all skin tones, by far. You do get what you see in the tube, so perhaps if you aren't that keen on very opaque shades you could dab this ever so slightly on your lips, blend with your finger and finish there with a pop of lovely berry colour or add lip gloss for that extra shine. 

 If seeing the first picture you instantly thought "Berry lipstick and blue eyeshadow, woman what are you doing?!", then be aware that I'm there with you. Hearing such description of make-up on the phone, your face would look as if you've ate lemon. Well the secret is the muted, cool tone of the lipstick. It doesn't fight with the aquatic inspired eye make-up. On my eyes I'm wearing turquoise eyeshadow blended out with a darker cobalt blue, and some bright green dabbed at the centre of the lid. As you can tell I didn't put any eyeliner, because even though my eyes are shouting colour! I wanted to keep this blended look as it is, without defining my eyes further. I kept the base very simple with a hint of peachy coral on the cheeks.
 The focus is definitely on my lips.

 Amorous is a Satin finish what means 100% colour pay off, semi-glossy finish and quite of a soft formula, which won't dry your lips as much as let's say matte finish would (that's if you suffer with dry lips). Also Satin usually doesn't have any shimmer, or glitter which makes the glossy finish stand out even more making it look very classy and lovely on the lips.

 Let me know what you'd pair Amorous with in the comments below!

Cloud x

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