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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mac Lipsticks #10 Plumful

 Sun is out colours are out, are we feeling playful? Well I'm feeling plumful! And that's the beautiful lipstick by  Mac we're going to be talking about today!

 On the Mac Website we can find surprisingly accurate description of the shade: "Blossoming rose-plum", I couldn't use better words to sum this shade up! It's that perfect hybrid shade between this old dark dusty rose colour and warm toned plum, very flattering on every skin tone!

 I feel like, because of it's finish (to which I'll get to later) all skin tones can pull this off, because regardless of the darkness/fairness of your skin you can either sheer it down or build it up, either way it'll show up on every skin tone.

 I paired this beautiful shade with very daring eye makeup, I've created sort of smoky eye using 2 colours: yellow (dandelion by nars), deep purple (dazzle dust by Barry M) and red (from NYX palette). I also added some outer corner fake eyelashes and quite a lot of shimmery bronzer. You can wear this shade for the simplest to most time-consuming make-up looks and it'll either way look absolutely stunning!

 Let's talk about finish, shall we! It's lustre (one of my all time favourite finishes), what means it's first goes on fairly sheer, but it can certainly be built up into I wouldn't say a bold shade, perhaps bold with a coat of sheerness. Again as I've previously mentioned some skin tones might find this too sheer, however regardless it will still show up. No matter what skin tone are we talking about this won't be a bold colour, that's what has to be beard in mind whilst choosing Lustre finish.

What would be your favourite finish Mac has to offer? Let me know below!

Cloud x

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