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Monday, 1 July 2013

Ocean Salt, Lush

 I have mentioned this product quite a couple of times already, and if you've seen those mentions then you've probably gathered how much I like this scrub. I'm always on the hunt for really effective and gentle skin care products, so at the beginning I was quite sceptical about rubbing salt into my face, but as always with Lush my fears have disappeared.

 I have normal skin, with occasional oiliness at the T-Zone and some dry patches in the colder months, so I don't tend to have any issues with my skin other than it's delicacy. I like to go for the gentle kind of products, not to harm my skin so when I was at Lush and wanted to purchase new face scrub the idea of salt chunks scrubbing my face wasn't really appealing. However after looking at the ingredients list and seeing avocado butter and extra virgin coconut oil I though that this might be a really good product. And so I did purchase it, in the massive tube.

 My first time using this I though "WOW this is amazing", the chunks of salt weren't irritating or didn't feel harsh on the skin at all.When I towel-dried my face I could feel how soft it was and how all of the nourishing as well as the moisturising ingredients worked on my skin leaving it feeling fresh and new in a way.
as you can tell it's really loved, I'm due for a new one.. Lush haul is on the cards 

I'm going to give Lush's Ocean Salt 9 lemon points!

Great points:
Works well on every type of skin,
You can feel the results straight away,
Isn't drying on the skin,
Smells great,
Last for a very, very long time,
Leaves skin feeling silky-soft,
Exfoliates and moisturises at the same time,
Made with all natural ingredients,
Doesn't break me out.

Only down side and what you should be careful whilst using this is, the salt will sting if you have any cuts or breakouts on your skin. It won't make the breakout or cut worse, opposite actually it'll work as an antiseptic, but it will sting a little.

Overall, BIG THUMBS UP! Get yours here: https://www.lush.co.uk/product/306/Ocean-Salt-Facial-Scrub-100g

Cloud x

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