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Friday, 26 July 2013

River Island SALE Haul

 You'd have seen majority of the things I've purchased, which isn't really the way this should be done, but since my name is Cloud and rights of gravity and others don't apply to me we're going to do this the other way round!

 Main thing of course is the birthday dress I've purchased.

 It was £25 reduced from £70, I got it in size 8. Just to to add more details it comes from Rihanna's Limited Edition for River Island, which for me makes no difference at all. http://www.riverisland.com/women/sale/dresses/Black-Rihanna-tied-t-shirt-dress-633612

 Overall it's a super comfortable dress, very unique! I got quite a number of compliments so it must be really eye-catching, in a good way!

Other statement piece were those printed dungarees, made with very light-weight and perfect for summer material. Super comfortable, and quite of an interesting, colourful pieces for those warm months!

 £15 reduced from £40, and again in size 8. True to the size, and surprisingly those are amazing for tall girls! I'm almost 6ft and those dungarees for once cover the whole length of my legs!


Moving right along! Cute peach/ coral ballet pumps with those very interesting floral cut-outs. £10 reduced from £22, size 5. http://www.riverisland.com/women/sale/shoes--boots/Pink-laser-cut-ballet-pumps-631525

 Next up, shorts! You've most certainly seen those in my previous outfits of the day. I love the olive dark colour, straight cut and corduroy material.

 They really do go with surprisingly a lot of tops and colourful shoes! http://www.riverisland.com/women/sale/shorts/Khaki-corduroy-high-waisted-shorts-630166

 £10 reduced from £25! In my local River Island those were the last pair and they were in size 10, since I'm a tall kind of gal I got those anyway, cheeky little belt does the job!

 Last, but not least a cute little vest with some detail around the neck. Nothing special about this at all, true to the size and lovely material! £7 reduced from £16. http://www.riverisland.com/women/sale/t-shirts--vests--sweats/Beige-embellished-neck-vest-632285

Well.. I have a massive birthday goodies post coming up, so embrace yourself!
 Please make me feel better and comment below whether you're as much of a sale junkie as me!

Cloud x

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