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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Too Faced Summer Eyes Palette

 If you've seen my Birthday Goodies post (which I hope you did) you may probably recognise this beautiful palette, which contains all the gorgeous colours you need to create an ultimate summer eye-makeup. It has neutral colours as well as some very easy to work with colourful shades, I'm in love. I've been using this palette for almost 2 weeks (ever since I got it for my birthday), and I can't stop!

 The amount of looks you can create with this is endless, I have no doubt that this is going to be one of my favourite palettes all your round. Today I'm going to show you step by step look created with this palette as well as some images of other look I've done with this palette pre
viously. Hope you'll enjoy!

 I adore all the colours of this palette, I just think Too Faced did a such a good job with putting all of these together. It's just a perfect mixture of colours, shimmers, highlighters, corals, pinks, satins. I'm safe to say that this palette would come handy all year around for pretty much all skin tones, I don't think there's any skin tone that wouldn't be able to pull this palette off! 

 Palette contains 9 colours: 3 of which are larger, and 6 smaller ones. 3 shades that come in a bigger sizes are your bases or highlighter shades, basically what you would use the most of. The other 6 are your crease browns, and the colourful shades. You get 9 eyeshadows in:
Seashell (pale pink, which blended into the crease creates more of an slightly orange pink),
Plumeria (light pearly fuchsia),
Cocoa Beach (warm toned, satiny brown),
Peach Fuzz (peachy shimmery highlight shade),
Coral Crush (beautiful shimmery coral shade, highly pigmented),
Chocolate Sun (the darkest shade from the palette, fairly dark brown with sparkles to it),
Sunbeam (by far the most shimmery of them all, gold shimmer best used in the inner eye corners),
Mermaid (gorgeous turquoise with this metallic finish),
Toasted Coconut (one of my favourites, it's this muted brown with a slight hint of red, satin finish).
 I'm going to give this palette 8 lemon points!

 Fantabulous points:
Beautiful combination of a variety of neutrals, colours and different finishes, 
Lovely pigmentation,
Very satisfying and easy to use texture,
Extremely easy to blend,
All around great palette to create endless amount of looks day to night and everything in between,
Amazing to travel with, and have beautiful packaging,
Suitable for a wide range of skin tones,
Definitely very practical palette, allows you to be innovative with your eye-makeup yet still not be too daring.

 Not so amazing points:
 I think those two very shimmery shades (Peach Fuzz & Sunbeam) could have a little more pigment to it rather than being just full straight up shimmer,
 The price, we do have to do a little complaining about this. This palette is £29, which is quite a lot in comparison to let's say Urban Decay Palette, but I have to admit I like this palette a lot. Love all the colours.

 The look I'm going to show you is very effortless, and has this lovely summery feel to it.
I've used shades: Seashell, Coral Crush, Coca Beach, Chocolate Sun & Sunbeam.

Step 1 (start clean):

Prime your eyelids, and apply Seashell all over the mobile part of the lid.

Step 2:
From the middle part of the eyelids outwards apply Coral Crush and blend away with a fluffy brush (e.g. Mac 217),

Step 3:
Start adding Cocoa Beach into the very outer corners of the eyes and blend, then add a little more and blend into the crease. Keep adding the brown until you're happy with the intensity.

Step 4:
Take your angled brush and Chocolate Sun and start pushing this shade into your eyelashes, because I didn't use any eyeliner this step gave my eyes more depth. Then take the Sunbeam shimmery eyeshadow and pack this into your inner corner as well as under the brow bone. Finish off with a lovely coat of black mascara if you like more intense look, or brown for a softer one.

You're done!

I've also decided to include an image of another look I did using this lovely palette, I've used Toasted Coconut and blended it from my eyelid up to the crease and then took this turquoise Mermaid shade and applied this over cream eye pencil for intensity under my lower lashes and blended away. 

 I think this palette would be great for people who would love to try colours, that are easy to incorporate with neutrals! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Cloud x

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