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Monday, 8 July 2013

TopShop/ Miss Selfridge Sale Haul & How To: Dress it up

 Sales are on... And trust me I am trying, I'm really working on myself, but oh the temptation is very big! So I did get one or two pieces, and since I've promised you one fashion post a week, I've decided to put each thing I bought into the "flesh" and dress it up. We all have a lot of things in our closets, which we consider as "casual"/"every day" style, who said certain shoes and way of wearing it won't dress it up so you can wear it on more dressier occasions? I very rarely buy things I know I'd only be able to wear on "special occasions" I much rather prefer to invest in casual pieces and style them in regards of the occasion.

 Let's begin then! (I of course forgot to keep the tags, so I might be wrong about the prices of most of the clothes.)

"Potato Sack Race for a Lady", VERY Oversized Lime Dress from TopShop (they've only had it one last size) size 10, £15 reduced from £28'ish

 As you can very well see it's very damn oversized, I didn't realise going one size up in a dress would make much difference, but since this particular dress has been designed to be oversized if TopShop would have your size in stock I'd much rather go for the true size rather than going up. Long story short, let's move on.
I love oversized clothes (except for pants, don't even go there), they're comfortable and with a simple red lipstick can make you look very sort of pulled together without trying really hard.

When I saw this gorgeous lime colour and the shape of this dress, the option of not buying it.. simply wasn't there. You can of course just wear simple trainers and be very comfortable, but since the theme is "Dress Up" I worse River Island chunky heels, with some amazing gold detail and this very interesting retro vibe.

 As for lip option I have choose to wear orange lip gloss: Sizzle by Revlon.

"Sailor's Cousin", Bodycon Navy&Cream Midi Dress from Topshop, size 8, £15 reduced from £29

 Again, like with the previous piece the options are endless, bodycon dresses are amazing.. only if they're in a fairly modest length. The magic is the body-hugging style, which is very flattering especially when paired with cute heels.

 You might have seen my heels before, they're the classic black strap sandals from Zara, which are honestly the most versatile shoes ever! For the accessories I chose very simple black clutch from Dorothy Perkins with a cute gold detail.

 Hair up, red lippy on.. and you're ready. I would happily wear this outfit for even the classiest of the events. The lip product I'm wearing is Urban Decay's Super Saturated High Gloss Lip Colour, in Theodora. Take a look at my review of this product at: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/urban-decay-super-saturated-high-gloss.html?q=urban+decay

 "Deep Purple", Oversized coat/blazer from TopShop, size 8, £40 reduced from £75

When I saw this I almost jump! I am going to get so much wear out of this in the autumn, and even now too when it gets colder in the evening. I adore this coat, the colour, shape everything about this is just so unique and classy. I paired it up with a sort of dark fuchsia/ warm purple skater dress with a very interesting cut and thick straps (I wore this on NYE, if you've been with me on istagram for a while you might have seen it).

 The cuteness and brightness of the dress worked beautifully with the black/white coat, to give this more of a rocky edge I wore leather boots from TopShop (size 5) and a tiny little bag I got from Debenhams years ago with a nice adorable bow on it.

 What screams "fashion" more like a bun hair?! Especially when there's a massive lime rose next to it, you can't really go wrong with that can you? And the lips? Tangerine Dream by Mac.

 "Wild Forest", Circle Black Skirt from Miss Selfridge, size 8, £12 reduced from £20'ish

 I've never had a circle skirt, and I so wanted to get one! American Apparel is the one known for them best, but their prices are outrageous in my opinion, so let's just back to the Earth now.
 Very simple, black, goes with everything. You could go well with just wearing this skirt, and nothing else.. maybe not, unless you're a hippie. Since I'm working with such a black canvas that is this skirt, for the top I went for my jungle themed loose top from Zara, which is so unique and I just love it! For more kick I couldn't resit wearing my spiked sneakers by Jeffrey Campbell.

 Keeping with the theme, Goes and Goes by Mac was just the right call.

 "Festival Afterparty", High-waisted pink&cream shorts from Topshop, £15 reduced from £23'ish

 By far the most ridiculous outfit of the night. Again keeping with the theme of dressing up, I took the common crop top and high-waisted shorts and dressed those up.
The lace crop top is in size Small and comes from Uraban Outfitters, pleather jacket is from Zara again it's in size Small, ridiculous glittery platform are from ebay in size 5 and to top the festival essentials list is floral garland from Topshop, which I remember well was £20. I would never in a million years wear this outfit anywhere, but on a festival so ladies please keep your standards high!

 For the lips I couldn't get more crazy than picking "Embrace Me", which is deeper shade of "Candy Yum Yum".

You've made it to the end, well done! I did get a couple of more bits and bobs, but those are the main pieces I could create a whole outfit from. Let me know if in the future you'd prefer me to just show what I bought without making a whole outfit out of this, or do you like what I did now more? I'd love to hear from you!

Cloud x

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