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Friday, 19 July 2013

Transitioning from Day to Night, Fashion&Make-up Neutral Edition

 Isn't frustrating when suddenly you find out you have some kind of evening event to attend to, which means within very small amount of time you need to think of what to wear and what to do with the make-up you've already been wearing all day?  It is! We've all been there. Today's post is going to be all about my way of transitioning from day to night look in no time!

 For my make-up today I wore the easiest and common look you can think of:

Tinted moisturiser for a base with fat SPF of 30,
Concealer with an SPF of 20,

Eye primer,
Wash of old gold shimmer on the lids, blended out seamlessly into the crease,
Black eyeliner for some definition,
One coat of mascara,
Sweep of shimmery bronzer on the cheek bones layered with light pink on the apples of the cheeks,
My favourite eyebrow palette to fill,
And last, but not least lip crayon in old rosy shade.

 As you can tell, very effortless look. Fashion wise again, it's too hot for fireworks.
You might recognise those shorts  from my previous fashion post I've uploaded during the weekend, well those are getting used I'll tell you that. To balance the body-fitting shorts I wore very cute, flowy top and peach ballet pumps.

My outfit screams fashion", and I'm wearing vintage necklace to prove it!

 Rounding up the day-time portion of this post I'd definitely say less is more, especially in 30 degrees Celsius heat!!

 Here we are at the evening part, when most of women would feel like they're on the battlefield fighting to look evening appropriate within 30 minutes!

 For make-up all I'm going to do is use literally 3 products to lift your day-time look to glamorous evening look.

All you'll need is black or brown eyeshadow (depending on how dark you'd like your eye-makeup to be, if you have small eyes I would go for brown and instead of blending it up, blend it into the outer corners with big eyes go for black and blend upwards), your favourite contouring product to enhance your features and of course bold lipstick.

 All I'm going to do is blend black eyeshadow into my crease and up, to smoke and define my eyes. Then to make those cheek bones stand out like never before I'll take my Hola bronzer and stroke it under my cheekbones. To finish off you can't go wrong with deep burgundy.

 Again I'm keeping the top and the necklace, because well why not. Instead of shorts I've switched to simple office-style skirt that goes up to my knees.

For shoes just to step the game up a little I'm going to wear my black H&M platforms, which are just heavenly to walk in, unlike all other kinds of shoes other than flats.

To chuck my stuff in I've added my very universal black clutch (it fits shoes, comes handy).

 Just to compare the both here's before and after shots! I've left my hair just the same all day, but for the evening look doing some kind of hairdo would look very flattering.

 What are your tips for transitioning between day and night looks? Be sure to let me know!

Cloud x

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