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Friday, 9 August 2013

Guide to Sun Creams & My Picks

 We all know we need some SPF whatever the weather, the higher the temperature the higher the SPF. I've been trying out couple of different face and body lotions with SPF, and here are some of my budget picks.

 Very often foundations contain small number SPF, which for summer sun certainly isn't enough therefore you need to apply a layer of a lotion with bigger SPF number before applying the make-up. Of course the skin on the face is much more delicate and soft than the one on the rest of the body, and it's critical not to be using the SPF lotion you'd use on your body on your face.
With this being said I recommend Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Skin Face Sun Lotion SPF 30. It has a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection, it's lightweight, oil free, it's suitable for sensitive skin and it's also water-resistant. It's has everything you could ask for in a face sun lotion, and it's affordable too £12.59 http://www.boots.com/en/Hawaiian-Tropic-Sensitive-Face-Sun-Lotion-SPF30-120ml_1104245/ 

 Just to make the whole world of sun protection easier for you I'll give you a little insight into what all of those shortcuts stand for:
UVAUltraviolet radiation of relatively long wavelengths. 
 UVA rays have strong harmful powers, which can penetrate through your skin as well as clothes and glass. 
UVB - Ultraviolet radiation of relatively short wavelengths.
 UVB rays are less powerful than the UVA rays, but those rays are the ones responsible for sunburns and skin cancer, so they're both as bad as each other. It's extremely important for your Sun Cream to have a protection for both UVA and UVB rays. 

SPF - Sun Protection Factor 
It's amount of the product's ability to protect your skin and for how long. It's been said that the amount of spf times 10 equals the number of minutes you'll be protected for e.g SPF 30 x 10 = 300 minutes/ 60 minutes = 5 hours of protection. Depending on your skin (fair, olive, dark), and the time you'll be exposed to the sun you should pick the suitable SPF number. It's much better to purchase medium amount of SPF and reapply during the day, than pick the strongest one in the shop and go all day without applying more. Although most of Sun Creams promise to be sweat, water, humidity and everything proof well a lot of them actually aren't, so be sure to reapply! 

 Now we still have the topic of bringing up the differences between Sun Creams and Sun Blocks:
Sun Creams work like sponges, they sink in all of the harmful rays still allowing your skin to get a tan,
Sun Blocks work like a mirrored shield reflecting all of the rays, making it a perfect product if you aren't interested in a tan at all. 

 Okay we've got the information covered, let's jump into my picks for the sun creams for body!

 My main sun lotion for body is Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration SPF 30, and seeing as I've featured this product in my July favourites you can tell that I absolutely love it! Again it has full spectrum of UVA & UVB protection, it claims to protect your skin for 13 hours (which I think is pretty accurate for UK sun, not as much for more exotic sun). Also it doesn't just moisturise your skin as well as protecting it, it smells DIVINE! It's sun cream and body lotion in one! All around beautiful product, highly recommended. £14.99 http://www.boots.com/en/Hawaiian-Tropic-Silk-Hydration-Protective-Sun-Lotion-SPF-30-180ml_1253312/

 Another product I had to include in my Sun-Protecting Routine has to be Simple Sensitive Tender Places Suncare Cream SPF 50, the name is pretty self explanatory. They're are places in our body that are either more sensitive than the others, or those who are more exposed to the sun that others e.g. shoulders, neck, back, inside of your arms, d√©colletage area. Those areas of your body need to be care of especially well, and so therefore I use more sensitive product with higher SPF. I wouldn't advise to use it all over the body The best thing you can do to protect yourself id to use products that have been designed for the job. Unfortunately I couldn't find it online so here's a similiar product from the same range £5.49 (possibly the same, with different name judging my the description) http://www.boots.com/en/Simple-Sun-Sensitive-Protecting-Light-Lotion-SPF-50-150ml_1113317/

 How do I know this routine is working? Well it's been really hot in UK lately up to 30 odd degrees Celsius, and not once have I ever been burnt!  As you can see keeping your skin protected doesn't have to be expensive!

Let me know about your tricks and routines to protect your skin from sun and be sure to tag me in any pictures of recommended products on Instagram or Twitter @clooudylemonade !

Cloud x

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