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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #15 Embrace Me

 15 weeks are behind us! Every week I'm getting more, and more excited! Once we hit nice milestone I'll do a giveaway with a couple of lipsticks that were most viewed posts from Mac Lipstick Wednesday series, here's a little spoiler for you! 

 Today we're talking pink, bright pink! No it's not Candy Yum Yum it's her more intense cousin. The reason I'm mentioning Candy Yum Yum, is because the shade I'm talking about today Embrace Me isn't available anymore, so if you're on the market for similar shade Candy Yum Yum would be your best shot!

 Mac calls it "bright fuchsia cream", and they are right there. It's very bright, very intense, very opaque, and very much statement lipstick. Perfect to create this ultimate bold look! Because of how ridiculously pigmented it is I'd recommend it for all skin tones, it'll show up on everyone!

 This is one of my favourite lipsticks to grab when I crave colour, it's just so perfectly bright pink! Not the kind of "baby/ foundation pink lips" oh no, this is as far and as bright as you should go with pink, anything lighter and brighter than this would just look like an ugly neon lamp on your lips (and that's not cute).

 Working with such a statement shade, we do need some balancing out. So for my eye-makeup I went for simple toned down gold eyeshadow all over the lid with black added little by little into the outer corners, and of course black eyeliner to create this cat eye. I kept everything to the minimum, including filling my eyebrows in lighter than usual, and going easy on the contouring. For blush I've used Illamasqua's Naked Rose as a very pale wash of colour.

 As always we're going to wrap it up with a little chat about the finish of the "Embrace Me". It's a matte finish, just like Candy Yum Yum (making the two very similar). Matte stands for remarkable lasting power, as well as 100% colour pay off and absolutely no shimmer, sheen or gloss whatsoever making it very easy to work with, because in my opinion it's easier to have the option of adding a clear gloss rather than be stuck with no options. Some people say they find it drying on the lips. I use Prep+Prime from Mac, which is a lip primer and I don't find the matte finishes drying at all. 

 What's your most daring lipstick of all times? Let me know in the comments below or tag me on Instagram or Twitter @clooudylemonade !

Cloud x

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