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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #16 Rebel

 Today we're talking very sentimental, because Rebel is the first Mac lipstick I bought. Ah, good old times.
As you can imagine I have a lot of love for this particular shade, and since autumn is just around the corner this might be your shade of the upcoming season!

 As usual first thing I'm going to do is get back to you on how much Mac's descriptions of the particular shade are correct. About Rebel Mac says: "Midtonal Cream Plum", I'd say it's slightly cooler tone, although I can see the where did they came from with the "midtonal". Rebel has a slightly glossy finish, what makes it a little more to describe whether it's cooler or warmer tone, so I presume they've tried to create a shade, which would work for both cool and warm skin tones. I believe Mac succeed in this one, I can't imagine anyone not being able to pull Rebel off!

 Personally I'd say that Rebel is a cross between raspberry and plum, because it has that very strong sort of berryness to it (if that makes any sense). Besides being extremely pigmented it'll provide your lips with this absolutely stunning raspberry stain! Again, with all of those points being said I think Rebel is suitable for all skin tones, because it can be applied with finger ans sheered out for slight pop of colour of build up into the most gorgeous forest fruit shade you've ever seen! 


 Such beautiful shade deserves as beautiful eye-makeup to compliment it, never fight with it. Since my lips were super defined I wanted them to stand out, what way to make your lips stand out other than smoke out your eyes. For that I've picked up taupe'y cream eyeshadow applied it all over the lid, then with shimmery taupe shade blended it out into the crease (and a little bit above it). I've skipped the black liquid liner, instead took a brown eye kohl and worked it in into my upper lashes. Finished with one coat of black mascara. The base I've also kept to the minimal. 

I have been repurchasing "Rebel" for a good couple of years now and not a little bit have I ever been bored of this shade, it has all you're looking for in a deep berry/red. The intensity, semi-glossy finish. It's an endless, classic shade, which could be used for plenty of different looks: from bold statement lips, to sophisticated retro and everything in-between. If you're planning on building your lipstick collection and you want to start of with strong must-haves, this is definitely the one you need in your collection!

For a lovely wrap up I'm quickly going to talk about the finish of Rebel. It's a Satin finish, which is a matte formula, but it has that semi-glossy effect to it on top of that it's absolutely PACKED with pigment. As I've mentioned above, this lisptick will leave you with a great stain, so you better apply your lipstick on your lips (don't try to make them look bigger, I've learned my lesson with this when I ended up with stain not just on my lips, but around them too!). 

 Love it or hate it, Rebel is always going to be in my top 5!
 Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Cloud x

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