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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #17 Lady Danger

Oh yes LADIES & gentlemen, the Danger has arrived and it's never been so beautiful before.
Today we're talking Lady Danger, a must-have statement in everyone's make-up bag. 

 Described by Mac as "Vivid Bright Coral-Red".. it was going so well until the word coral was mentioned. For all and everyone, Lady Danger has nothing to do with coral. "Vivid Bright Orange-Red" it should say, ORANGE-RED is the definition of Lady Danger. Oh Mac, invest in some glasses, will you? 
Left swatch - straight from the bullet Right swatch - smudged (same amount of product)

 Lady Danger is hell of a pigmented, bright, strong, intense and so in your face kind of lipstick! It's daring, it's loud, but it's bloody brilliant in every sense. From the fairest to the deepest, every skin tone is capable of pulling this lipstick off! If you're more of a toned down lipstick kind of girl, and you'd like to step out of your comfort zone, there's no other way to do it.. LADY DANGER is the answer! 

 A lot of people compare it to Morange, but it's certainly nowhere near being similar. Morange is your straight up orange, Lady Danger in my opinion is a hybrid between Morange and Ruby Woo. It has that perfect ration of red to orange. I've got them all and I mixed Morange and Ruby Woo together, and it was pretty similar to Lady Danger (but not the same). 

 As I've mentioned before if I had to pair a lipstick to the word "loud" I'd most certainly pick Lady Danger, and such shade deserves appropriate makeup to compliment it. Of course this would be PERFECT shade for this bold, minimal look. I however went down the different path. I choose to do this unusual eyeliner look, keeping my eyelids covered just with one base shade. What I did is create an eyeliner flick on both corner of my eyes, but not around the eyes. On the upper lash-line I've created a line from about third of my eye going outwards with a flick, and on the lower lashline I did exactly the same, but opposite. So I've created a flick on the inner corner of the eye, going outwards to about third of the eye again. This made my eyes look very elongated (both ways), which I did really like! The rest of the face I kept simple, including the brows. 

 Lady Danger is a matte finish, but hey hey don't be put off! I know a lot of people complain about matte formula being very drying on the lips, but as I've mentioned in my previous posts this can be fixed! A good lip primer (e.g. Mac Prep+Prime, Nars Lip Primer), won't just make sure your lips are soft and moisturised, but also make the lasting power of your lipstick much bigger! I also think that all the other formulas aren't nowhere near as long lasting as matte! 

 Are you a Lady Danger fan? Let me know in the comments below!

Cloud x

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