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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #18 Ruby Woo

  Ruby Woo, can't get any more classic than that. You can't call yourself a true Mac fan if "Ruby Woo" doesn't ring the bell for you.

So let's talk RED...

 Described by the brand itself as "very matte blue-vivid red", you have an idea that Ruby Woo is as classic red as you can get. Most of the "classic" reds are blue toned, because such cool tone contrasts with the natural shade of your teeth making them look "more white".

 What you need to know about Ruby Woo is that it's REALLY matte, not as a any other Mac lipstick in a matte finish, this seems to be twice as matte as the others. I personally thing the issue of matte finishes dryness can be solved with a good lip balm and/ or a lip primer. However if you suffer with serious chapped lips perhaps this particular lipstick might not be for you , because as I've mentioned before it's more matte than the others.

 I choose to wear this matte beauty with a very flattering Hollywood style eye make-up. I went for a very lovely shade of dusty gold over the lids with just a touch of mascara and added a little bit of pearly pink on the cheeks. The centre of attention were certainly my very red lips and well defined brows.

 As I've mentioned before, this particular matte finish is more matte than the other matte lipsticks Mac produces. I think it's slightly silly as Ruby Woo is way thicker and drier I'd say than all the other Mac Matte lipsticks I own. It's certainly a good 6 hour wear, so you do get something in return for the thick formula you have to put up with!

 Are you a fan? Or do you prefer the creamier finishes?
Be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

Cloud x

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  1. I prefer the creamier finishes, but Ruby Woo has a lovely coulour!


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