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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

 That's right my fellow British beauty lovers, Maybelline's Baby Lips have finally been launched in the UK!!!
As soon as I found out I ran into Boots and got a couple. The curiosity to see whether they are as amazing as everyone across the Ocean seems to saying they are was just too unbearable. 
My face to "Baby Lips are finally available in UK". P.S I do have shorts on (just thought I'd get it out there). C.

 So here in UK we have 6 Baby Lip Balms to choose from, 3 of which have a tint of colour:
Pink Punch (pink tint),
Cherry Me (red tint),
Peach Kiss (peach/ nude tint),
Hydrate (original),
Intense Care (super moisturising),
Mint Fresh (clear mint scented balm).

 Since I'm stocked up with my EOS lip balms I didn't need any more clear balms, so I only purchased the ones with the tint: Pink Punch, Cherry Me & Peach Kiss.

 My first impressions of those is: They're really good! ...but I wouldn't jump under the lorry if they'd get discontinued. I also think the tint could be a little more intense, because those simply don't show on deeper skin tones. The whole point is a little, very natural hint of colour, and that's exactly what you get if you have fair to medium skin tone, however with deeper skin tones all you get is a glossy finish to your lips. 

 I do find those extremely moisturising, I certainly don't feel as if those last 8 hours on the lips as Maybelline claims. Also on the website there's an annotation that those Baby Lips Balms contain SPF of 20, which information doesn't seems to be appearing on the actual packaging. At the end of the day they cost only £2.99, and for the price being the quality is above the price, which is what matters really.

I'm going to give Baby Lips 6 lemon points!

 Fabulous points:
Very easy to work with, you certainly don't need a mirror to apply those,
They smell absolutely divine, very fruity and unique I'd say,
Great for school or places where you need to keep your make-up minimal,
Highly affordable,
Extremely moisturising and nourishing,
Soft and glossy formula.

 Not so great points:
As mentioned deeper skin tones will find those hints of colour fairly hard to see,
Out of the whole range there's only 3 tints to choose from, I feel like Maybelline needs to make some deep vine, orange and coral shades of Baby Lips,
The packaging feels quite cheap, and isn't really long lasting. In the past I found packagings very easy to break,
A little more pigment would do a lot of good!

 To wrap this all up I'm going to give you a little description of each of the Baby Lips Balms I've purchased:

 Cherry Me - The most popular out of the whole (tinted) range, has the deepest and most visible on the lips colour. I'd say it's a hybrid between red and pink, sort of raspberry shade. As all of them it's extremely glossy, but not shimmery. To me it smells like cherry bubble gum.

 Peach Kiss - Possibly my favourite! Colour wise, you don't get much. It has a very slight warm peachy tint to it, which comparing to the other to has a shimmer to it. The reason I love the shimmery finish is, because of beautifully it reflect the light! Scent of this balm was very hard to distinguish, I think it smells like those sour jelly sweets. I'm sure haribo or something were making these, you could get all sorts of flavours and they'd be covered in this sour crystals? Please let me know if you know what I mean! Or is it just a "90's kids" thing?

 Pink Punch - My least favourite and least natural of them all :( . The reason being is, because it isn't a nice warm pink, it's that in your face artificial baby pink. I still do like it, but out of the 3 this has to be one I enjoy the least. I feel like I'd be great for my 8 year old cousin or something, not something an adult would necessarily get away with. Just my thoughts, I do however like the smell...A LOT. Pink Punch definitely smells of peaches, I love peaches.

 I'd really love to know whether you think Baby Lips deserve the hype? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below!

Cloud x

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