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Saturday, 7 September 2013

August'13 Favourites

  Every time I sit down to write my monthly favourites I feel like I'm closing a little chapter of my life and opening a new one. This time is different, because I'm not just closing a chapter, I'm concluding and officially saying au revoir to summer 2013! At the same time I'm saying a big, big hello to autumn, the month of big changes (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/updates-on-me-more-leibster-awards.html)!  What a better way to end and begin things than with monthly favourites and hauls!
 As always I'm going to categorise my favourites, so let's begin with the first one!

Make-Up &Nails

 As last month, I'm so terrible at trying out new other things other than make-up.. so no nails this month :(
But there's plenty of products you might recognise from my Drug Store Haul (http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/drugstore-haul.html), ahh good old affordable make-up!

 I think my most favourite product out of this whole section is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer (wow that's a bloody mouthful, isn't it!). It's sooooooo good! I am definitely going to get around making a whole blog post just purely dedicated to this product, but for the time being I highly, highly recommend checking this out.. regardless of your skin type! This little baby will blend into your skin so seamlessly, however dark or light your dark circles are! £8.50
 On the joint second place I have:
Mac Paint Pot in Let's Skate, it's so freaking gorgeous! I'd describe it as pale pink with the most beautiful light-reflective, gold particles! It bounces of the sun rays like nothing else in the world! If you'd like to read more about Paint Pots and see the swatches click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/mac-paintpots.html £15
Benefit Watts Up, this was one of my birthday presents and I've been loving it since I got it! It's perfect for all skin tones, because this highlighter isn't quite pearly, but more of a champagne shade. Super flattering, and not chunky! Want to see my birthday haul? Click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/birthday-week-day-6-birthday-goodies.html and/ or here http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/birthday-week-day-7-birthday-goodies.html £24.50
 Jumping right to the rest of make-up favourites:
 Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate, you all know I love cream eyeshadows, and you all know how much I love my red, burgundy, ox-blood eyeshadows? Well here's a drugstore answer for all my calls! Maybelline came up with this lovely rich burgundy colour with gold sparkles, which as you've probably gathered is right up my alley! £4.99
 Soap&Glory SuperCat Felt-tip eyeliner. All kinds of eyeliners has been with me ever since I've started with make-up, and from all of those pots, tubes, pens, jars of eyeliners I've gone through I mostly enjoy using the felt-tip ones, by far! They're as black as it can get, quick to use, stay put for ages and are very cheap! The one by Soap&Glory is very brilliant indeed. I highly recommend switching to felt-tip liners for fuss-free and easy life! 
 Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara, another feature from my drugstore haul, and another Maybelline product! I've purchased this just for fun and games, no particular reason and I was very positively surprised! I definitely wouldn't say it's my favourite mascara, or the one I'd run to repurchase, but it doesn't clump, it lengthens and separates the lashes.. oh and no flaking! Pretty good if you ask me! £7.99
 Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I wasn't quite sure whether include this in makeup or skin care category, because Baby Lips are quite of a hybrid between the two! Since Maybelline layers it out with all the rest of the make-up, that's where I'm including it! I went to Boots as soon as they came out in UK, purely to see whether they're really worth the hype, to be honest I don't think they are at all! They are really good quality, smell lovely and are cheap, but I wouldn't run a marathon for them. Peach Kiss was my favourite out of all the ones I bought, because it has a lovely fine shimmer to it, which I realllyyyyy enjoyed! If you're interested in a full review click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/maybelline-baby-lips.html £2.99

 Now just to close this category I have one make-up tool, which is a (fake cousin) of the all and famous Beauty Blender! I got mine from TK Maxx, and it's been my best friend ever since! Only thing I'd say is be careful with washing these, you need to be very gentle, and rub it too hard otherwise it'll start separating (I've learnt my lesson). Either way it's brilliant! Gives you the most flawless and beautiful finish ever! No more strokes and lines!

Skin & Hair Care 

 2 of those products have (again) been featured in my Drug Store Haul, see kids right research makes sure you'll love your products! 
 Noutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 15, everything what claims to be able to protect me from all the evils of the world is a win-win for me! This has done the job brilliantly! I love the consistency, how quickly it absorbs, how soft it leaves my skin feeling, how great it is to apply before make-up and most of all how it's packed with a plethora of skin benefits!  £6.99
 Botanics All Bright Eye Soothing Eye Make Up Remover, best eye make-up remover? I think so! It's ridiculously oily and greasy (obviously), but it melts the toughest make-up like no other, on top of that it moisturisers and doesn't break out in the slightest! It's gentle, and believe it or not after I use my cleanser my face doesn't feel oily in the slightest! So no nasty residue boys and girls. I feel as if people with oily skin wouldn't like it, so for those of you there's plenty of gentle of oil-free make-up removers, for all the others... this is your friend! £2.66
 The Body Shop Honey &Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask
I've had this for so long, but never got around to using it for some reason. Probably, because I didn't thought it would be much good for any other reasons other than using it a face mask (despise of the name). Then eventually I've ran out of my cleanser and thought "right I'm going to have to use my last resort", and since that time this has became my favourite cleanser and a daily gentle scrub! Smells lovely, cleanses beautifully and I'm certainly going to repurchase this! £10
 Into the star of the show Clarins Black Orchid Facial Oil for dehydrated skin. OH MY DAYS. This is the best purchase of my life time, I forgotten to feature it in my last monthly favourites, but if I could I'd feature it every month! It's just beautiful product, it does wonders to your face! There's 3 kinds, one for dry, oily and dehydrated skin. Now both dry and oily skin can be dehydrated at the same time. I have normal tor dry skin, but I've gone for the dehydrated version, because not many skin care products have hydrating instead of moisturising benefits. I use it every night on top of my night cream, my face looks healthy, happy and brightened! £30


 For this section I have a book (as always) and this time a film!
The book is called "Wreck This Journal" and it's the best alternative to a diary I've ever ever seen! Every page tells you to do something different with it e.g. loose this page and accept the loss, stain this page with the food you've ate today. It might sound odd, but I've had it for over a year and I take it with me on a random trips, and fill the pages up! It's so much fun! Make sure to date the page each time you fill it up! £10
 Now the film isn't as much of the favourite as the soundtrack and the last scene! Accidental Husband is an adorable romantic comedy with a very interesting twist! If you're going to watch it be sure to pay attention to the soundtrack and the last scene!

 This is it for August guys! What were your favourites? I'd love to find out, tell me in the comments below!

Cloud x

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  1. Great post! We love the Age Rewind Concealer too! And you have made me want to check out that book now! :)


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