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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mac Lipstick Wednesday #21 Dramatic Encounter

 Better late they never, they say. I'm so truly sorry for posting this so late, but hey it's still Wednesday so it counts right? The truth is "London madness" has got really crazy, I'm moving away in only one day. Please forgive me. ANYWAY. I have an exciting one for you today, but before you shout at me! Yes, I know it's a limited edition shade from last year (even worse), but I get emails from a lot of you who have no intention in purchasing a Mac lipstick, you just simply enjoy reading about them. Well this episode is for you! Let's talk dramatic then, shall we?

 Unfortunately I can't get hold of Mac's original description of this shade to see whether it's anywhere near truth, because as we all know Mac likes to go a little bonkers with their descriptions. I'd say Dramatic Encounter is a slightly warmer cousin of Cyber, which you all know how much I adore. This particular shade is much richer in burgundy colour, and has that hint of mauve even. It's certainly an interesting one, because you could certainly keep applying it into almost black/burgundy, or leave it with 1 or 2 coats and let the light play with the colour. Under some light it might look more mauve, in other purple, then again burgundy. The glossy finish is certainly the one responsible for it!

left swatch: straight from the bullet right swatch: smudged
(same amount of product used in both of the swatches)

 Personally I feel like every skin tone would look fabulous with this lipstick. The mauveness makes it that ever so slightly neutral. Whether you have really deep or fair skin tone, I think this would be a pretty good damn shade for you, if you're in the market for an unique alternative to burgundy. As I've said this one isn't available anymore, but you can get it on amazon! Or the closest to this shade would be Cyber.

 Everyone likes a bold look! Well since the lipstick I was working with was quite unique, I couldn't go "regular" with the eyes! I went for this sleepy, coppery look on the eyes! Plenty of coppery-gold eyeshadow applied all around the eyes, with a little bit of darker brown at the upper lash line and some mascara. To add to the party I had to do my "staple" strong brows. To wrap everything up I added a little bit of flush, pink blush. 

 Dramatic Encounter has an amplified finish (which is my favourite). It has everything I love: pigment, glossiness, no shimmer and it's very long lasting! Stain - guaranteed! Amplified is a perfect finish for those of you who like glossy, not shimmery! 

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Cloud x

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