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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

#maclipstickwednesday GIVEAWAY! choose your prize!

 I'm so super excited to be announcing this giveaway, which is in fact my first giveaway ever!!!
My next episode of "Mac Lipstick Wednesday" is going to be the 20th one! For the past 20 weeks I've been describing and sharing my opinion with you about various shades of lipsticks by Mac. We have to celebrate! 

 I'm going to split this giveaway into 2 "stages". First one is going to be YOU choosing, which 2 lipsticks of those which I have already featured on my blog (list and links below) you'd like me to giveaway. You'll be able to do this by commenting under 2 of your favourite ones! 2 with the most comments win! 

You can only comment twice (under each of your favourites),
 I'm going to let you guys choose for 2 weeks starting today (10th of September - closing 24th of September),
 Don't worry if you're late with picking, even after the lipsticks have been picked you can still take part in giveaway,
 If you have blog/ instagram account, be sure to spread the word by sharing, tagging me @clooudylemonade & hashtagging the #maclipstickwednesday !

 Once the prizes have been chosen I'm going to write a post  (24th of September 6pm GMT) with the following steps of how you can enter! 

 List of Mac Lipstick Wednesday posts (excluding limited edition):

 If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the comments section below, or email me clooudylemonade@gmail.com

 Get commenting!!!

Cloud x

Unfortunately Mac isn't sponsoring me *sigh* so all of the prices + postage is going to be paid by me. 


  1. Replies
    1. Yay! thank you for taking part in voting, would you be able to leave your vote under the post about ruby woo (link is above)
      thank you! x

  2. I really really loved morange and lady danger. I want so bad


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