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Monday, 2 September 2013

Nars Foreplay Palette

Longley awaited review of Nars Foreplay Blush Palette, well I finally finally after 3 months made my mind about this.. and here's what I think. If you haven't seen my Space NK Haul be sure to click here: http://clooudylemonade.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/make-up-haul-part-2-nk-space-online.html

 I'm not going to lie, I was initially mostly attracted to the interesting design, and the idea of having 4 amazing Nars blushes in one palette. I loved the variety as well, because besides getting a big Orgasm blush there's also 2 satin blushed with no shimmer and a very unique golden highlighter. Those would be by far perfect for all skin tones, especially the two satin blushes which are extremely pigmented! 

Here I'm wearing the hot pink blush with golden highlighter.

Here I have the peachy blush with the golden highlighter.

Lastly we have orgasm with golden highlighter. 

 I feel like it was a great value too! The whole palette retails for £39.50 when a single blush is £21.50, so you do get product, variety and convenient packaging for your money! You can get yours here: http://www.narscosmetics.co.uk/color/cheeks/blush/~/foreplay-orgasm 
 Lasting power-wise I feel most confident about the satin blushes, as they have the most creamy powdery texture so with these you have at least 8 hour wear. With the shimmery shares its 4 to 6. 

 I had time to think and I'm going to score this lovely palette with 7 lemon points!

 Great points:
Variety of finishes (satin, matte, shimmer),
Eye-catching packaging design,
High pigmentation (especially the two satin finishes),
Great to travel with,
Comparing to the prices of single blushes, it's quite a good value,
Fantastic for someone who hasn't tried many Nars blushes, or hasn't got many blushes in general,
Suitable for all skin tones.

 Not so amazing points:
I feel like the orgasm shade doesn't show up AS GOOD, I do have the multiple of orgasm and honestly the pigmentation doesn't even compare,
It's limited edition so it won't be up for a long time,
Lastly I wish the satin sections of the blushes would be bigger as those are the most pigmented ones.

 Overall I'd certainly recommend it!
Only think you need to be aware of is that the palette is actually much smaller than you think.

 Any thoughts? Leave them below!

Cloud x

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