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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Too Faced, Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit

Well hello! Yesterday unfortunately I wasn't able to upload the #maclipstickwednesday post on the day, which I'm really sorry about, but it will be up tomorrow! Of course you know my soft heart, I had to make it up for you lot! Long story short: here's a review of Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit, by Too Faced! 

 Name is very much self-explanatory it's a kit, which contains 3 shades of powder: bronzer, blush & highlighter all wrapped up in a pretty palette and leopard print! Pretty cute, eh? My first thoughts were: this is pretty damn convenient, little did I know that the bronzer is actually blush and highlighter is more of a.. well blush too. 

Basically the ACTUAL bronzer aka "Peach Leopard" is more of a warm peachy blush with a slight hint of bronziness to it. I've tried using this as a contour, but it's wayyyy too warm for this purpose, but it's perfect for this "slightly burnt"/ "just been on a holiday" look! 

 The "Candy Leopard", which is very lovely indeed in my eyes is quite hard to work with not, because of the shade mostly, because of the texture. I wouldn't call it chalky, but you certainly need to work your brush in there and build the product up on your cheeks in order to get it to fairly visible level. Colour wise it's your standard Barbie pink blush with tone of shimmer! You could easily skip the highlighter when using this blush; it'll give you some very glowy cheeks! I think it's even a very close dupe to Dior Rose Diamond highlighting powder!

Top: Pink Leopard (Highlighter) Middle: Candy Leopard (Blush) Bottom: Peach Leopard (Bronzer)
 Going right into the last shade "Pink Leopard" I think it's a brilliant highlighter, I just don't see why is it more pink/ brown than pearly or any other standard highlighter. I appreciate the innovativity, but the fact that it's so off the scale colour-wise makes it totally unsuitable to apply on the bridge of the nose, brow bone or cupids bow. 

 I feel as if Too Faced knew exactly what they did yet they choose to put people into confusion calling this palette "The Complexion Perfection Kit". You can't really perfect your face with 3 blushes can you? 

 On both of the images above I've used all the powders: Peach Leopard to contour, Candy Leopard for blush and Pink Leopard for highlight. It did a pretty good job, I have to say! Then again the contour should be less peachy more ashy, blush less chalky/ pearly more pigmented and highlight less pink/ brown more pearly. 

I'm going to score this palette with 6 lemon points! 

 Fantastic points:
Very convenient to travel with, 
Great for all skin tones,
If you wouldn't be picky you can certainly do all your complexion steps just with this one palette,
Lovely packaging, comes with a fairly big mirror,
Peach and Pink Leopard have extremely mild powder, which goes on the skin like a dream,
Very easy to blend and work with.

 Not so great points:
It's £24,
Candy Leopard has a lot of "imperfections" (as previously mentioned),
You basically receive 3 blushes,
 Impossible to work with without the brush. 

 Clearly, I have a love-hate relationship with this palette. One day I love it, one day I don't.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below

Cloud x

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