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Sunday, 6 October 2013

I'm BACK!!!

 Hello, Hello, Hello! I don't even know how to begin, I have so much to tell you guys!!
I should probably begin with apologies (again) for being gone for so bloody long..  I do have some good reasons though!

 One of them being ill to the point where my nose was so red no studio fix could make it look better! Then half way through my cold I got stung by a bee, on my thing, with a reaction that spreaded through the most of the back of my upper left leg. Attractions keep on appealing! On top of all of those "unfortunate" events I've started my university course and that was a big cookie as well.

 Having the freshers week, illness, bee sting, beginning of the course and all the madness included with living in London out the way, I can certainly say I am finally back from this unplanned break!

 Now just a few things that are going to happen:
#maclipstickwednesday - I have missed two of those so far, so right now I'm working on a few extra posts to catch up! From the next Wednesday you'll see the usual lipstick post again,
 GIVEAWAY - now with the giveaway, I feel like not many people have participated in the picking up the shade and generally getting involved, which I hoped would happen, so until I can figure out a better way to get more people involved the giveaway will be suspended. With all my heart I really want to give something from me to you guys, but that's the point of those giveaways.. we need to interact!
 fashion - since I'm living in London on my own, I'm kind of struggling with taking full body size pictures of my outfits for the OOTDs, but I am working on it so hopefully I'll be able to get those back on track too,
 reviews - the flat I'm living in has a really terrible access to the daylight, which is so unideal for photographing my make-up, but again I'm doing my best!
 lastly time - now being a student of a very tough degree I'll have much less time for my blog, which certainly doesn't mean I'm giving up on it, what it does mean is that I might post less, but I certainly won't lower my standards down!

 Unless I feel like something is really good, and well presented I won't post it! Quality over quantity. Always.

 I just want to add that I've really missed you guys, and I hope you'll understand all that's been said,

Cloud x

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