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Monday, 4 November 2013

YSL Make-Up Haul & Review

Long time no see!

 I think I gave up on apologising now, you've heard it enough. All I'm going to say is that I've underestimated my ability of adjusting to the new city. London you overwhelm me. I certainly haven't stopped blogging and even though there has been some serious issues with fluency of me posting I can assure you that it's done, I'm back on my toes. I've also been reunited with my SLR camera so I'm all equipped and ready (promise). So haul!!

 It's actually kind of crazy how much I've been loving YSL lately! It's not just the shiny, beautiful packaging (honestly). I think it's the AMAZING quality of the products that keeps me interested and makes me very excited when they're launching a new product. For the time being however I'll give you a little isight of what I got recently!

 Since it's been a couple of weeks since I purchased the lot, besides just telling you what I know about each of the product I'll add a little review too! I'm working on single, more in depth reviews too! 

 First off, the one, the only Touche Èclat foundation. All of us, well most of us and most of our mums and our neighbours are familiar with the iconic now Touche Èclat highlighting concealer, well this my darlings is the 'corresponding' to it foundation. Initially it's said that foundation paired with corresponding concealer works best, the truth is that where one foundation might work for one the corresponding concealer might be a total disappointment. So it all depends on a individual, I just happened to love both of the products with each other and paired with other products. 

 I'm loving the foundation so far, it's very luminous, but not glittery! It just gives this gorgeous, fresh glow to the skin. It dries to a satin finish, so if you're in the market for a full coverage matte foundation - this is not the one.

 Now we're moving into the time where I've lost it, by saying lost it I mean instead of purchasing only one Baby Doll mascara I've purchased two. My only words of excuse are that one is in Brown no.2 and one in Black no.1. Honestly guys, this might be a holy grail. I've just said it, yes.
 It does wonders to my lashes and just makes them look incredibly natural and beautiful. I'm not the one for max volume and stuck together lashes, so Baby Doll is right up my alley! Oh and it holds the curl too!

 Last, but not least another edition to my Rouge Voluptè collection this one being Rouge Voluptè Shine. The reason I bought this is to compare it to the original Rouge Voluptè and to be able to say whether it's a good idea YSL is replacing the original collection with the shine collection. I'm going to do a very in depth post on this, but for the time being all I'm going to say that it's not as bad as people make it out to be. I'd describe shine collection as slightly, but ever so slightly more sheer and juicier. Interpret it yourself *wink*.
Be sure to share your favourites by YSL and if you've tried any of their products! Recommendations are always welcome.

 Once again thank you so much for being patient with me guys, I love you.

 Cloud x

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  1. Oh lucky girl! We are dying to try one of these! The packaging is super gorgeous!!!!!


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